TV Guide


I personally don’t watch a lot of TV, often too busy doing other things. However, since I found this app, I’ve found it so useful and convienient when I did have some time to watch TV.

Forget having to hunt for that TV guide/magazine or disturbing a family members viewing whilst you want to pop up the TV guide to see what’s on television. Get a free copy of ‘TV Guide’ for your iPhone/iPod Touch, you won’t be dissapointed šŸ™‚


Magnifier for iPhone


Well, there are programmers out there producing apps filling so many functions! So here’s another…. Magnifier Free for the iPhone is as the name suggests, a Magnifer; which uses the iPhones camera.

The app gives you three levels of magnification: 1x, 2x & 4x as the item is viewed on the screen of your iPhone. When the app’s used on an iPhone 4, it also features a nice little (on screen) on/off toggle switch to turn the LED flash on/off; useful if you’re magnifying something in a poorly lit area.

WCA (Analogue) Clock for iPhone


Having already got a nice add-on digital clock for my iPhone 4, the other day I was looking in the app store for an analogue clock and came across: WCA.
It’s a nice looking analogue clock with a good sized clock face with second hand, as shown in the screenshot. The app is free and also features the functionality of alarms.
Although there are many other analogue apps in the app store, this particular one took my fancy.

WordPress App for Symbian OS


Having the facility to ‘Blog’ from your smartphone is, I think great. Ok, maybe it’s because I’m a power user of smartphone devices aka geek! šŸ™‚ But! it enables you to post a quick blog whilst being mobile, without being tied to your desktop/laptop PCs.
iPhone and Blackberry users have had a unique WordPress app for some time now. Now it’s come to the Symbian community and is available from the Ovi Store. WordPress have yet to announce it! could only find mention of support for iPhone and Blackberry OS devices.

Blackberry OS 6


Ok, so the latest software/firmware version for Blackberry smartphones is out now at v.6.0. So what enhancements do you get? Better Music player/management, better Photo management, Video thumbnails for easier searching, Video player sizes include Original, Fit to screen, Full screen. YouTube video uploader. Enhanced Camera controls. New Podcast App to search, subscribe and play podcasts. Overall, much of an enhancement to the Multimedia experience for Blackberry users. You may be reading this, already having the upgrade, if not, select the ‘check for update’ within the Blackberry Desktop Manager. That is of course if your older Blackberry smartphone can take onboard the upgrade. Good luck.

iPhone 4 Time Change & Alarms!


So pleased to have just heard on BBC Watchdog that the time change / alarm problem is a generic fault on supposedly ALL iPhone 4s!!!
Apparently, last weekends (31st Oct) ‘Auto’ time change from BST to GMT hasn’t worked with Alarms! on iPhone 4sĀ šŸ˜¦ When my iPhone 4 Alarms didn’t work properly on Monday morning 1st Nov, I refreshed them ALL, still no good! šŸ˜¦ I’ve since deleted all my alarm’s and re-created them but they’re still not working! Urgh!
BBC Watchdog say that Apple will release a bug fix! šŸ™‚ SOON I HOPE………..

The Phones Show – No.124


The latest ‘Phones Show’ No.124 from Steve Litchfield is out now and in this episode, features two Android Smartphones, the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro and the Orange San Francisco.
Published from my iPhone 4.