Another successful data conversion…!


Over the last 17 years, I’ve converted data many times from older Palmtop Computers (Psion 3, 3a, 3c, 3mx, Revo, Series 5/5mx/7) on to new PDAs (Pocket PC, Palm) and now mobile Smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android).
Tonight I did another successful conversion of data, in this case 748 data address contacts from an old Psion Series 3mx into Microsoft Outlook Contacts for sync’ing on to a Blackberry. To say, the user was happy to have moved that mass of valuable contact information from a prehistoric (yet dearly loved old) Psion on to a modern Blackberry smartphone, is an understatement! 🙂
If Palmtopman (c/o Ozzie Hall-Osman) can ever help you with a similar conversion? Call me sometime 07889 374086 🙂

TESTIMONIAL RECEIVED: “Palmtopman keeps users mobile”
Our grateful thanks to Ozzie Hall-Osman for his help and assistance in transferring of contacts data from an ageing Psion to a Blackberry Curve via Microsoft Outlook. The original data was speedily transferred to a pst file which was e-mailed back to us for transfer to Outlook and onward to the Blackberry. Thanks to Ozzie for his helpful talk through of this process which has saved re-entering 759 contact details.
Much appreciated,
Deryck Barker & Lady Caroline Ley

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Smartphone OS Battles


There are many different graphs around these days showing different statistics on the ongoing battle between PDAs/Mobile Smartphone Operating Systems. I found this graph the other day and though that I’d share it with you along with my opinion and thoughts.

One OS not shown here is the huge Symbian OS that’s found in the majority of mid-low end mobile smartphones these days from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and others.
However, this graph is interesting and when you look around at what people are using, especially in major cities, you won’t be surprised to see Apple’s iPhone OS in the lead, I believe especially as iPhone’s are now on most UK Cellular Networks (E.g. O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3). Google’s Android OS appearing in many smartphones is a close 2nd. I’m surprised to see Blackberry SO low on this graph, as I firmly believe that Blackberry is a leader on the corporate market place. Windows Mobile may just creep back with the launch this week of the new Windows Phone 7! Palm still (bearly) on the graph might also bounce back next year, with a new lease of life now the HP have bought Palm!
We shall see……… My vote as I’m sure my regular Blog readers will know is now firmly with the iPhone OS. Oh, I love my iPhone 4! 🙂

The Phone Show (Video) & Phone Chat (Audio)


I’ve known Steve Litchfield for what must be about 18 years! Since he soon become one of the biggest names amongst Psion Palmtop enthusiasts. Steve these days produces some really great video and audio shows covering reviews etc on a wide range of smartphones; accompanied by Tim Salmon and a group number of other contributors.

The Phone Show (Video)
Programme: 122, 07/10/10 – Nokia N8, Motorola Flipout.
Programme: 121, 22/09/10 – New phones galore, Android v Symbian… the real world.
Programme: 120, 11/09/10 – The Top 5 720p-shooting smartphones, Nokia E5.

Note – many more great, informative and interesting video podcasts are available from

The Phone Show (Audio Chat)
Chat No. 57, 04/10/10 – Nokia N8 (Symbian), HTC Desire (Android) and more…
Chat No. 56, 27/09/10 – Nokia E63, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Flipout, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and more…
Chat No. 55, 20/09/10 – Nokia E7, Kev abandons the iPhone 4! and more….

Note – more many great, informative and interesting audio podcasts are available from

Highly recommended! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Upgrading to a newer PDA/Smartphone?


Are you thinking about upgrading your old Palmtop (Psion, Palm, Pocket PC) to a new/newer PDA/Smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, PsiXpda) ? ? ?
I can assist you or do the job for you 🙂
Generally Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & Notes is used as a platform to transfer data from an older to new/newer device. For just contacts, the transfer can be via a CSV conversion.
Call Ozzie on +44 (0)7889 374086 or email Ozzie on ozziehallosman at btinternet dot com.
If you’re using an old Palmtop, make sure you’re doing the most import thing…. BACK IT UP! on to either a memory card or your PC. Keep your data safe! Old faithful Palmtops such as the Psion Series 3c, Psion 5/5mx don’t last forever. As long as you keep your data backed up (it’s safe), then when you decide to upgrade, it can be done.
I can help with this process too!

Windows Phone 7… add it to your Christmas list!


Ok, so Windows 7 is now out there for desktop and laptop PCs, so I suppose it’s a natural expected progression for Microsoft to release ‘Windows Phone 7‘. First leaked out across the world wide web few weeks ago, but luckily (from Microsoft’s point of view), it’s official from them now too, see here. Along with, I quote: “A different kind of phone, designed to keep your life in motion. Coming Christmas 2010“. So how about an early Cristmas list! 🙂 no surely, not in February! 🙂
One of the many other websites focusing on the forthcoming ‘Windows Phone 7‘ is, see here. It’s interesting and sad to see on their graph, the steady decline of Microsoft Smartphones since June 2007, compaired to  the steady increase from RIM & Apple. Let’s face it, wherever you look these days (well, it’s what I see everyday in London) you see Apple’s iPhones (I would say the personal leader) and RIM’s Blackberry (I would say the corporate leader).
So, is Microsoft’s new ‘Windows Phone 7‘ going to be the lifeline to Smartphones from Microsoft? In my opinion and it would certainly bring me back to my primary smartphone being run on a Windows OS if:

  • Microsoft do their best to ensure ‘Windows Phone 7’ is released with minimum bugs; after all, as I’ve blogged before, I don’t intend to spend several hundreds of pounds on a new smartphone to then beta test it for the manufacturers!
  • The new OS has got to work well in-sync with Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Notes), Word & Excel.
  • There were regular fireware updates available to do online.
  • I’m sure as the manufactures are now FINALLY listening to users favour to QWERTY devices, we’ll see ‘Windows Phone 7’ smartphones with either slide out keyboards or flip up clam shell keyboards. We’re not all ‘finger tapping’ lovers of touch screen devices.
  • Cost is the other big factor, influencing the buyers decision. Obviously smartphones heavily subsidised under a mobile contract are attractive but in general the price of the latest gadgets has crashed pleasantly over the last few years.

I sincerely hope that ‘Windows Phone 7‘ does well, after all, from the days of early Pocket PCs, I always promoted, recommended and supported the Windows OS in handheld devices as the best match when in-sync with other Microsoft Office applications. It’s just sad that as Windows Mobile evolved, this OS slipped away from the Blackberry & iPhone leaders.

Need some help with a Palmtop or Smartphone device?


I’ve been using Palmtop Computers and more recently Mobile Smartphones for 21 years now! Supporting users of: Symbian Smartphones, Psion Palmtops, Palm, Blackberry, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, iPhone & iPod Touch and Android devices, otherwise known as PDAs, oh AND the great new PsiXpda UMPC with:

  • Transfer of data from old PDAs (E.g. Psion, Palm, Pocket PC etc) to new PDAs (E.g. iPhone, Blackberry etc);
  • Synchronisation of PDA data (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Notes) with PC software (E.g. Microsoft Outlook);
  • Back Up of data on to PC/Mac or memory card;
  • Configuration of email;
  • Advice on upgrade options and
  • MORE! (BUT, PLEASE NOTE – I don’t sell PDAs/Smartphones OR repair them)

Look no further, you won’t be dissapointed! get in touch with Ozzie on +44 (0)7889 374086 or via an email to ozziehallosman [at] btinternet [dot] com, also see I trust you can understand my email address (to avoid spamming software!!!).