iOS 4.2 is out!


Finally, the promised and MUCH anticipated iOS 4.2 software/firmware upgrade for Apple iPhones, iPad & iPod Touches has been released. It was out yesterday and brings the version up to 4.2.1. Be brave and prepared for a process which takes about 30 minutes; it’ll be worth it… so I hope, I’ll blog very soon about what all the fuss over the latest 4.2 upgrade has been about. Oh and iTunes had an upgrade too, now at v.10.1. Watch this blog… 🙂


Blackberry OS 6


Ok, so the latest software/firmware version for Blackberry smartphones is out now at v.6.0. So what enhancements do you get? Better Music player/management, better Photo management, Video thumbnails for easier searching, Video player sizes include Original, Fit to screen, Full screen. YouTube video uploader. Enhanced Camera controls. New Podcast App to search, subscribe and play podcasts. Overall, much of an enhancement to the Multimedia experience for Blackberry users. You may be reading this, already having the upgrade, if not, select the ‘check for update’ within the Blackberry Desktop Manager. That is of course if your older Blackberry smartphone can take onboard the upgrade. Good luck.

iPhone 4 Time Change & Alarms!


So pleased to have just heard on BBC Watchdog that the time change / alarm problem is a generic fault on supposedly ALL iPhone 4s!!!
Apparently, last weekends (31st Oct) ‘Auto’ time change from BST to GMT hasn’t worked with Alarms! on iPhone 4s 😦 When my iPhone 4 Alarms didn’t work properly on Monday morning 1st Nov, I refreshed them ALL, still no good! 😦 I’ve since deleted all my alarm’s and re-created them but they’re still not working! Urgh!
BBC Watchdog say that Apple will release a bug fix! 🙂 SOON I HOPE………..

Another successful data conversion…!


Over the last 17 years, I’ve converted data many times from older Palmtop Computers (Psion 3, 3a, 3c, 3mx, Revo, Series 5/5mx/7) on to new PDAs (Pocket PC, Palm) and now mobile Smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android).
Tonight I did another successful conversion of data, in this case 748 data address contacts from an old Psion Series 3mx into Microsoft Outlook Contacts for sync’ing on to a Blackberry. To say, the user was happy to have moved that mass of valuable contact information from a prehistoric (yet dearly loved old) Psion on to a modern Blackberry smartphone, is an understatement! 🙂
If Palmtopman (c/o Ozzie Hall-Osman) can ever help you with a similar conversion? Call me sometime 07889 374086 🙂

TESTIMONIAL RECEIVED: “Palmtopman keeps users mobile”
Our grateful thanks to Ozzie Hall-Osman for his help and assistance in transferring of contacts data from an ageing Psion to a Blackberry Curve via Microsoft Outlook. The original data was speedily transferred to a pst file which was e-mailed back to us for transfer to Outlook and onward to the Blackberry. Thanks to Ozzie for his helpful talk through of this process which has saved re-entering 759 contact details.
Much appreciated,
Deryck Barker & Lady Caroline Ley

Poor Wi-Fi coverage with Sky Router!


Back in June, I finally left BT’s Broadband service and moved to Sky Broadband, the deal with Telephone & TV was good and the broadband gave a truly unlimited download; no 100GB fair use policy etc.
The Sky Broadband service has been very reliable BUT, with their supply of an old ‘G’ type router (of >54mbps), the Wi-Fi coverage in my three bedroom end-of-terrace house was NOT good. So I decided to replace their Sagem ‘G-Type’ router with a much better ‘N-Type’ router (>150mbps). So I picked up a NetGear Wireless-N 150 Router from Maplins. Having done a bit of research, ‘N’ routers give a MUCH wider Wireless coverage and 3x faster than the older ‘G’ type routers. Now, is when my grief started, as I disconnected the Sky Sagem router and started the install of the new NetGear router, the installation wizard asked for a PPPoA login username and password. I could find this anywhere, so I started a search on good old Google. Oh dear, I found SO many sites/forums etc that had all sorts of bad news stories of what I was trying to do. So, I called Sky Customer Services on two different occasions asking/pleeding for the PPPoA details but nope! they said they couldn’t tell me!!! 😦 So, when I almost decided to give up, I wrote a strongly worded letter to them, again asking for the needed PPPoA details. After a few weeks, I got a call from a helpful Sky agent and he took me into the router setup/config from IE using an address of and tried getting me to change several settings but nothing improved the Wi-Fi coverage! 😦 so he said he’ll escalate my issue further. Then a week later, I got another call from Sky yesterday, this time with a suggestion to ‘piggy back’ my new NetGear router on to the Sky Sagem router, turning off Wi-Fi on the Sagem router and instead using the NetGear router for my Sky Wi-Fi…………. YES!!!! It worked and I’ve now got a strong Sky Wi-Fi signal, ALL over my house 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Phone Show (Video) & Phone Chat (Audio)


I’ve known Steve Litchfield for what must be about 18 years! Since he soon become one of the biggest names amongst Psion Palmtop enthusiasts. Steve these days produces some really great video and audio shows covering reviews etc on a wide range of smartphones; accompanied by Tim Salmon and a group number of other contributors.

The Phone Show (Video)
Programme: 122, 07/10/10 – Nokia N8, Motorola Flipout.
Programme: 121, 22/09/10 – New phones galore, Android v Symbian… the real world.
Programme: 120, 11/09/10 – The Top 5 720p-shooting smartphones, Nokia E5.

Note – many more great, informative and interesting video podcasts are available from

The Phone Show (Audio Chat)
Chat No. 57, 04/10/10 – Nokia N8 (Symbian), HTC Desire (Android) and more…
Chat No. 56, 27/09/10 – Nokia E63, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Flipout, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and more…
Chat No. 55, 20/09/10 – Nokia E7, Kev abandons the iPhone 4! and more….

Note – more many great, informative and interesting audio podcasts are available from

Highly recommended! 🙂 🙂 🙂

iPhone OS Upgrade


OS 4.1 is now available from iTunes.