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The Phone Show (Video) & Phone Chat (Audio)


I’ve known Steve Litchfield for what must be about 18 years! Since he soon become one of the biggest names amongst Psion Palmtop enthusiasts. Steve these days produces some really great video and audio shows covering reviews etc on a wide range of smartphones; accompanied by Tim Salmon and a group number of other contributors.

The Phone Show (Video)
Programme: 122, 07/10/10 – Nokia N8, Motorola Flipout.
Programme: 121, 22/09/10 – New phones galore, Android v Symbian… the real world.
Programme: 120, 11/09/10 – The Top 5 720p-shooting smartphones, Nokia E5.

Note – many more great, informative and interesting video podcasts are available from

The Phone Show (Audio Chat)
Chat No. 57, 04/10/10 – Nokia N8 (Symbian), HTC Desire (Android) and more…
Chat No. 56, 27/09/10 – Nokia E63, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Flipout, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and more…
Chat No. 55, 20/09/10 – Nokia E7, Kev abandons the iPhone 4! and more….

Note – more many great, informative and interesting audio podcasts are available from

Highly recommended! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Need some help with a Palmtop or Smartphone device?


I’ve been using Palmtop Computers and more recently Mobile Smartphones for 21 years now! Supporting users of: Symbian Smartphones, Psion Palmtops, Palm, Blackberry, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, iPhone & iPod Touch and Android devices, otherwise known as PDAs, oh AND the great new PsiXpda UMPC with:

  • Transfer of data from old PDAs (E.g. Psion, Palm, Pocket PC etc) to new PDAs (E.g. iPhone, Blackberry etc);
  • Synchronisation of PDA data (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Notes) with PC software (E.g. Microsoft Outlook);
  • Back Up of data on to PC/Mac or memory card;
  • Configuration of email;
  • Advice on upgrade options and
  • MORE! (BUT, PLEASE NOTE – I don’t sell PDAs/Smartphones OR repair them)

Look no further, you won’t be dissapointed! get in touch with Ozzie on +44 (0)7889 374086 or via an email to ozziehallosman [at] btinternet [dot] com, also see I trust you can understand my email address (to avoid spamming software!!!).

Palmtopman Service & Support…


Question: Do you need help with data conversion from an old PDA (e.g. Psion) on to a newer PDA/Smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android)?

Question: Do you need help setting up email on your PDA/Smartphone? Question: Do you need help backing up your PDA/Smartphone?

Question: Do you need help transferring files between your PDA/Smartphone and PC?

Question: Do you need help synchronising data between your PDA/Smartphone and PC

Question: Do you need some guidance as to what PDA/Smartphone you should buy?

Answer: Yes, yes, yes…

Look no further, just call Palmtopman (c/o Ozzie Hall-Osman) on +44 (0)7889-374086 or email ozziehallosman at or visit

Sent mobile from a Nokia E55 🙂

The Symbian Exchange & Exposition 2009


Just see2009a reminder……!
Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th October 2009 –
Earls Court 2, Warwick Road, London, SW5 9TA.
SEE 2009 – the place to find out about the future of the mobile industry. Building on 10 years of successful events, SEE 2009 reflects Symbian’s evolution and that of mobile computing as it changes and extends beyond the realm of the mobile phone. Headline Talks from Symbian Foundation, Linux, Wikipedia and Nokia. Exhibitions and Trade Stands from: Sony Ericsson, Accenture, NavTec, The Register, Land Mobile, Mobile World, Symbian 60, Blackberry and many more.
I thoroughly recommend this event, I’ve personally been to all the past events; which have proved to be interesting, informative, inspirating, motivating, thought provoking, lots of freebees and the entry to the event is FREE! 🙂
I intend to post blogs throughout the two days, so visit my blog again soon.

aasAlso announcing another popular pre-conference event, the All About Symbian Mini-Meet, 17.30-20.00hrs, Monday 26th Oct 09, The Windmill (function room), 6-8 Mill Street, Soho, London, W1S 2AT (Near Oxford Circus U/G). Meet the AAS trio of Rafe Blandford, Ewen Spence and Steve Litchfield, have a drink and join in with pre-conference banter. Ozzie (Palmtopman) will be there from 5.30-7.30’ish.

Q&A: Searching on a Blackberry


blackberry-searchQuestion: Can you search for an address in the Blackberry Address Book?
Answer: Unfortunately not, it appears that you can only search for a name, telephone number and text within the note fields. Addresses and email addresses will not be found when using the search feature.

Q&A: Can I use Microsoft ActiveSync to Back Up my WM6 Smartphone?


activesyncQuestion: Can I use Microsoft ActiveSync to Back Up my WM6 Smartphone?
Answer: I regret to read from my ActiveSync v4.5.0 (Build 5096): “Backing up and restoring information is available only for Windows Mobile software for Smartphone 2003 and earlier and Windows Mobile software for Pocket PC 2003 and earlier”.
Suggestion: Look for a 3rd party ‘Back Up’ application.