PayPal releases update to iPhone app


On the 4th November 2010, ‘The Register‘ announced that PayPal has submitted an updated iPhone app. PayPal have found that the previous version failed to check the digital certificates that confirmed the authenticity of the online-payment website. The security risk leaves iPhone users who rely on the app open to man-in-the-middle attacks when connecting over unsecured networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots! A day later, PayPal rushed out an updated version to the app store. The app for Android-based phones luckily wasn’t affected.


PayPal for iPhone


Many of us use PayPal ( these days, mostly to pay for purchases on good old eBay (, BUT PayPal is also a great easy way of transferring money between two PayPal accounts. If you’ve got a PayPal account and want (or have….) to pay someone who’s also got a PayPal account, it couldn’t be easier. Just login to your PayPal account on your iPhone, enter the PayPal email address of your recipient, entry the amount you wish to pay them, then just tap on ‘Send’; oh, sorry, obvious, but presumed…. first, download PayPal from the ‘App Store’ on to your iPhone, for free! 🙂