The Phones Show 125 & Phone Show Chat 63


Two new popular podcasts are now out:
The Phones Show Chat, No.125 – with a hands-on review of the HTC HD7, a new Windows Phone 7. With it’s good and bad features, oh dear, Steve Litchfield had quite a few negatives points to raise about this new OS device.
Also, the Phone Show Chat, No.63 – Nokia N900, Orange San Francisco, HTC HD7, Dell Streak, HTC Desire Z & lots of other news, reviews and more 🙂


WordPress App for Symbian OS


Having the facility to ‘Blog’ from your smartphone is, I think great. Ok, maybe it’s because I’m a power user of smartphone devices aka geek! 🙂 But! it enables you to post a quick blog whilst being mobile, without being tied to your desktop/laptop PCs.
iPhone and Blackberry users have had a unique WordPress app for some time now. Now it’s come to the Symbian community and is available from the Ovi Store. WordPress have yet to announce it! could only find mention of support for iPhone and Blackberry OS devices.

Nokia E7


Now here’s a nice new device from Nokia, the Nokia E7. A nice large colour capacitive touch sensitive screen and a nice QWERTY keyboard; yeah! long live keyboards on smartphones 🙂
So the basic spec: Symbian 3 OS, 176g, 124 x 63 x 14mm. Virtual alphanumeric keyboard on screen, 4″ (640 x 360 pixel) 16 million colour screen, 1200 mAh Li-Ion Battery, Wireless, 16GB, Bluetooth 3.0, Micro-USB data/charging, 3.5mm AV connector, FM radio, Quick Office Premium, normal full suite of PIM.

What Psion owners dreamed of…..????

Tim Salmon’s Blog


Listeners to the great ‘The Phones Show Chat‘ will be well familar with Tim Salmon and his regular informative / interesting / fun contributions covering Apple, Android & Symbian devices.

Check out his website blog for lots of interesting blogs, news, photos and links to other subject related sites. See

The Phones Show Chat Forum


Forum for Phones Show Chat and Phones Show listeners and viewers.


The Phones Show Chat


Two more of the great chat show podcasts are now available from Steve Litchfield & Co.
Phones Show Chat 58 – covers the Nokia N8, Acer Stream, the Nokia X3 and much more.
Phones Show Chat 59 – covers the Nokia X3, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini-Pro, Google Nexus One, the Nokia N8 and much more.
These great podcasts are a highly recommended way of keeping up to speed with the latest smartphones and gadgets. They’re interesting, fun and informative 🙂 🙂 🙂

Smartphone OS Battles


There are many different graphs around these days showing different statistics on the ongoing battle between PDAs/Mobile Smartphone Operating Systems. I found this graph the other day and though that I’d share it with you along with my opinion and thoughts.

One OS not shown here is the huge Symbian OS that’s found in the majority of mid-low end mobile smartphones these days from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and others.
However, this graph is interesting and when you look around at what people are using, especially in major cities, you won’t be surprised to see Apple’s iPhone OS in the lead, I believe especially as iPhone’s are now on most UK Cellular Networks (E.g. O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3). Google’s Android OS appearing in many smartphones is a close 2nd. I’m surprised to see Blackberry SO low on this graph, as I firmly believe that Blackberry is a leader on the corporate market place. Windows Mobile may just creep back with the launch this week of the new Windows Phone 7! Palm still (bearly) on the graph might also bounce back next year, with a new lease of life now the HP have bought Palm!
We shall see……… My vote as I’m sure my regular Blog readers will know is now firmly with the iPhone OS. Oh, I love my iPhone 4! 🙂