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The Phones Show Chat


Two more of the great chat show podcasts are now available from Steve Litchfield & Co.
Phones Show Chat 58 – covers the Nokia N8, Acer Stream, the Nokia X3 and much more.
Phones Show Chat 59 – covers the Nokia X3, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini-Pro, Google Nexus One, the Nokia N8 and much more.
These great podcasts are a highly recommended way of keeping up to speed with the latest smartphones and gadgets. They’re interesting, fun and informative 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Phone Show (Video) & Phone Chat (Audio)


I’ve known Steve Litchfield for what must be about 18 years! Since he soon become one of the biggest names amongst Psion Palmtop enthusiasts. Steve these days produces some really great video and audio shows covering reviews etc on a wide range of smartphones; accompanied by Tim Salmon and a group number of other contributors.

The Phone Show (Video)
Programme: 122, 07/10/10 – Nokia N8, Motorola Flipout.
Programme: 121, 22/09/10 – New phones galore, Android v Symbian… the real world.
Programme: 120, 11/09/10 – The Top 5 720p-shooting smartphones, Nokia E5.

Note – many more great, informative and interesting video podcasts are available from

The Phone Show (Audio Chat)
Chat No. 57, 04/10/10 – Nokia N8 (Symbian), HTC Desire (Android) and more…
Chat No. 56, 27/09/10 – Nokia E63, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Flipout, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and more…
Chat No. 55, 20/09/10 – Nokia E7, Kev abandons the iPhone 4! and more….

Note – more many great, informative and interesting audio podcasts are available from

Highly recommended! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Text Messaging from your PC


One particular facility which I love about the ‘Nokia PC Suite‘ (v. is ‘Messages‘; a way of working with/managing text messages on your mobile or smartphone but from the luxury of your PC Desktop/laptop.

I don’t know why, I certainly do send text messages from my mobile/smartphone when I’m out and about on the move BUT, do I enjoy the facility of texting from a mobile device? sadly, I’ve got to say “NO!” It’s not as though I don’t practice enough but it amazes me when I see the younger generation at HIGH speed texting from their mobiles.
So… with your mobile/smartphone connected via USB Cable(prefered)/Bluetooth to your PC and connected with Nokia’s PC Suite; launching ‘Messages’, you’ll get a window as above.
CREATING & SENDING A TEXT MESSAGE: Select the icon ‘Create a new message’ (Red No.1), which will then pop up a new message template, enter the recipients name in the ‘To:’ field (No.2), as you type, it will pull-up matches from your contacts list. Then type your text message (on your lovely PC’s keyboard) (No.3) and when complete, send it by selecting the ‘Send message’ icon (No.4).
So, this is a great way of working with text messages on your mobile/smartphone from your PC. At the same time you can manage your mobile/smartphones text messages by reading/deleting/filing 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂