iOS 4.2 is out!


Finally, the promised and MUCH anticipated iOS 4.2 software/firmware upgrade for Apple iPhones, iPad & iPod Touches has been released. It was out yesterday and brings the version up to 4.2.1. Be brave and prepared for a process which takes about 30 minutes; it’ll be worth it… so I hope, I’ll blog very soon about what all the fuss over the latest 4.2 upgrade has been about. Oh and iTunes had an upgrade too, now at v.10.1. Watch this blog… 🙂


Security for iPhone 4


Now here’s quite a smart app! So, here’s your scenario: You often leave your iPhone unattended on your office desk whilst you’re away for a while, one day you return to your desk and shock! horror! someone’s walked off with your iPhone!!! 😦

So, this free ‘Security’ app once set up will take a photo of the person who picked up your iPhone using it’s front facing camera and email the photo to you automatically!
Grab a screenshot of your main ‘home screen’ and use this image in ‘Security’, the image will be shown when ‘Security’ is running and protectively waiting. You enter the email address that you’d like to be informed on.
Your email sent from ‘Security’ will be entitled: Security Alert – Image attached. The email message states: A security alert was triggered from your iPhone at 7:15pm on October 20th, 2010 – a photo of the user is attached. Security! for iPhone 4.

Whilst ‘Security’ is active, everytime, the screen is touched, your iPhone will take a photo of who’s trying to use your iPhone and email you automatically. How kool is that 🙂

The Phones Show Chat Forum


Forum for Phones Show Chat and Phones Show listeners and viewers.


The Phones Show Chat


Two more of the great chat show podcasts are now available from Steve Litchfield & Co.
Phones Show Chat 58 – covers the Nokia N8, Acer Stream, the Nokia X3 and much more.
Phones Show Chat 59 – covers the Nokia X3, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini-Pro, Google Nexus One, the Nokia N8 and much more.
These great podcasts are a highly recommended way of keeping up to speed with the latest smartphones and gadgets. They’re interesting, fun and informative 🙂 🙂 🙂

McD’s Finder


Now here’s an app that will keep you popular with the kids when you travel somewhere new. As the name suggests, this great app once launched, within seconds (based on GPS reception) shows you where the nearest McDonalds restaurant is to you. You can then even get directions via the great Google Maps. Google Maps shows the standard blue spot, with your precise location; then shows a green map pin with the start of your route and a red map pin with the location of your chosen McDonalds.

The ‘Mc.D Finder’ app is free and available from the app store.

BioRhythm for iPhone


According to believers in BioRhythms, a person’s life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles which affect one’s ability in various domains; such as mental, physical and emotional activity. These cycles begin at birth and oscillate in a steady sine wave throughout life. Modelling these cycles mathematically, a person’s level of ability in each of these domains can be predicted from day to day.
The three Biorhythm cycles differ in length: the physical cycle is 23 days, the emotional cycle is 28 days and the intellectual cycle is 33 days. Throughout the month, these cycles vary between high (>100) and low (<-100), where the days cross the zero line, they’re described as ‘critical days’ of greater risk.

I once heard that three consequtive zeros on each cycle is very rare and the recommendation is that if your Biorhythms on a particular day are a zero reading for all cycles! take care!!!

With this free app on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you can enter multiple profiles (e.g. name and date of birth), so you can keep track of your family and friends Biorhythm cycles.
Naucra Inc.

Speed Test app for iPhone


This is a great app for those ultimate ‘Geeks’ out there….. 🙂
This app “does what is says on the tin”, measures the speed of your 3G data connection. When you grab a copy of ‘Speed Test’ from the app store (but then you knew that didn’t you…..) and launch it, it prompts you to “BEGIN TEST”. The app pings your nearest server, then measures the download speed and the upload speed on a kool looking dial measuring ‘bits per second’.

Also, if your iPhone is connected to a WLAN (Wi-Fi) connection, you can check the speed of that too.

This app is based on SPEEDTEST.NET – The Global Broadband Speed Test.