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iPhone – Select & Copy


Another nice feature that I’ve found on the iPhone is that text can easily be selected and then copied and pasted into another application that takes text. Simply open up the text to be copied, in the example in my screenshot, I wanted to copy some text that I’d recieved in an email, so simply tapping on the text block will create a selection, with a blue dot, top left and bottom right. If you tap on the top left dot you can drag it to where you’d like the selection to start from; then tap on the bottom right dot and drag it to the end selection point. You’ll then be prompted by a pop-up suggesting ‘Copy’. Select ‘Copy’ then open the destination, say a new note. Tap on the new note and a ‘Paste’ will pop-up, tapping on ‘Paste’ will copy across the selected & copied text from the email. It couldn’t be simpler! 🙂 🙂 🙂