Another good source of iPhone/iPad info…


I came across this site recently and have found it to be a useful source of information with PodCasts and Blogs about iPhones and the iPad.


WordPress App for Symbian OS


Having the facility to ‘Blog’ from your smartphone is, I think great. Ok, maybe it’s because I’m a power user of smartphone devices aka geek! 🙂 But! it enables you to post a quick blog whilst being mobile, without being tied to your desktop/laptop PCs.
iPhone and Blackberry users have had a unique WordPress app for some time now. Now it’s come to the Symbian community and is available from the Ovi Store. WordPress have yet to announce it! could only find mention of support for iPhone and Blackberry OS devices.

Tim Salmon’s Blog


Listeners to the great ‘The Phones Show Chat‘ will be well familar with Tim Salmon and his regular informative / interesting / fun contributions covering Apple, Android & Symbian devices.

Check out his website blog for lots of interesting blogs, news, photos and links to other subject related sites. See

WordPress for iPhone


Great, I’ve found a free app for my iPhone that I can manage my blogs on and it exactly matches my blog on WORDPRESS! 🙂