Now here’s a smart way of sharing files between your mobile device and a PC/Mac! DropBox (www.dropbox.com) works with smartphones running iPhone, iPad, Blackberry & Android OSs. The screenshot here is DropBox running on my iPhone 4, but the following features are generic across all OS platforms.
Synchronise Files automatically between your mobile smartphone and your PC/Mac 🙂
Storage free of 2GB and up to 100GB for a small price. DropBox servers are secure 🙂
File Management couldn’t be easier, create folders to organise files, work collaboratively.
For a more detailed description of what DropBox can be used for, visit https://www.dropbox.com/features.
Photo & Video Management is great, enabling you to take a photograph or video on your smartphone and access it within seconds on a PC/Mac. This has some very exciting possibilities what a mobile worker can deliver photographs/videos etc back to their office very quickly, effectively anywhere in the world!

Blackberry OS 6


Ok, so the latest software/firmware version for Blackberry smartphones is out now at v.6.0. So what enhancements do you get? Better Music player/management, better Photo management, Video thumbnails for easier searching, Video player sizes include Original, Fit to screen, Full screen. YouTube video uploader. Enhanced Camera controls. New Podcast App to search, subscribe and play podcasts. Overall, much of an enhancement to the Multimedia experience for Blackberry users. You may be reading this, already having the upgrade, if not, select the ‘check for update’ within the Blackberry Desktop Manager. That is of course if your older Blackberry smartphone can take onboard the upgrade. Good luck.

Another successful data conversion…!


Over the last 17 years, I’ve converted data many times from older Palmtop Computers (Psion 3, 3a, 3c, 3mx, Revo, Series 5/5mx/7) on to new PDAs (Pocket PC, Palm) and now mobile Smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android).
Tonight I did another successful conversion of data, in this case 748 data address contacts from an old Psion Series 3mx into Microsoft Outlook Contacts for sync’ing on to a Blackberry. To say, the user was happy to have moved that mass of valuable contact information from a prehistoric (yet dearly loved old) Psion on to a modern Blackberry smartphone, is an understatement! 🙂
If Palmtopman (c/o Ozzie Hall-Osman) can ever help you with a similar conversion? Call me sometime 07889 374086 🙂

TESTIMONIAL RECEIVED: “Palmtopman keeps users mobile”
Our grateful thanks to Ozzie Hall-Osman for his help and assistance in transferring of contacts data from an ageing Psion to a Blackberry Curve via Microsoft Outlook. The original data was speedily transferred to a pst file which was e-mailed back to us for transfer to Outlook and onward to the Blackberry. Thanks to Ozzie for his helpful talk through of this process which has saved re-entering 759 contact details.
Much appreciated,
Deryck Barker & Lady Caroline Ley

The Phones Show Chat Forum


Forum for Phones Show Chat and Phones Show listeners and viewers.

See http://www.pscforum.co.uk/forum/index.php

The Phones Show Chat


Two more of the great chat show podcasts are now available from Steve Litchfield & Co.
Phones Show Chat 58 – covers the Nokia N8, Acer Stream, the Nokia X3 and much more.
Phones Show Chat 59 – covers the Nokia X3, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini-Pro, Google Nexus One, the Nokia N8 and much more.
These great podcasts are a highly recommended way of keeping up to speed with the latest smartphones and gadgets. They’re interesting, fun and informative 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cheap data via a Blackberry


I recently listened to some interesting news courtesy of the Phone Show Chat (audio podcast) about a very cheap way of getting online with data on a Blackberry. Blackberry’s very popular BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) can be used on an unlocked Blackberry, with a ‘new’ T-Mobile SIM. Then top up the PAYG SIM with £20 and text ‘6 month BB’ to 441; after a few hours the service will be live with 1GB data/month for 6 months!!! 🙂 🙂 Apparently this service isn’t promoted/publicised as such; the offer sounds too good to be true. A similar service is offered from Orange. You can use your Blackberry as a modem when connected to your laptop using Teather Berry; however watch the volume of your data usage! Connecting a desktop/laptop PC via a mobile/smartphone EATS data bigtime.

Smartphone OS Battles


There are many different graphs around these days showing different statistics on the ongoing battle between PDAs/Mobile Smartphone Operating Systems. I found this graph the other day and though that I’d share it with you along with my opinion and thoughts.

One OS not shown here is the huge Symbian OS that’s found in the majority of mid-low end mobile smartphones these days from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and others.
However, this graph is interesting and when you look around at what people are using, especially in major cities, you won’t be surprised to see Apple’s iPhone OS in the lead, I believe especially as iPhone’s are now on most UK Cellular Networks (E.g. O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3). Google’s Android OS appearing in many smartphones is a close 2nd. I’m surprised to see Blackberry SO low on this graph, as I firmly believe that Blackberry is a leader on the corporate market place. Windows Mobile may just creep back with the launch this week of the new Windows Phone 7! Palm still (bearly) on the graph might also bounce back next year, with a new lease of life now the HP have bought Palm!
We shall see……… My vote as I’m sure my regular Blog readers will know is now firmly with the iPhone OS. Oh, I love my iPhone 4! 🙂