Free Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone

When I first started playing with Wi-Fi Hotspots a number of years ago, I expected lots and lots of truly free wireless hotspots to be available in Central London near where I work. Sadly that was never the case and even now, free Wi-Fi Hotspots are in my opinion, not plentiful enough 😦 At best, cafes and coffee shops give you free wireless internet access whilst you sit in their venue indulging yourself in a Latte or Bagel etc; ok, hotel lounges are a bit more ‘giving’ with free wireless internet access to guests.
With free Wi-Fi internet access thankfully starting to be more available these days; this ‘Free Wi-Fi Finder’ app for the iPhone enables you to search for free wireless hotspots. Using GPS, you can quickly see where free hotspots are near you. Using my much loved ‘Google Maps’, you’ll see the traditional blue spot showing your precise location; then the app will show you a green symbol representing the location of a free Wi-Fi Hotspot near you; as shown in the screenshot. If you tap on a green symbol, you’ll see the name of the hotspot and part of the address. Tapping on the ‘>’ next to the chosen hotspot will then give: the full name and address of the hotspot, a contact number, directions, add to favourites and share this hotspot.
A word of caution when using free Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas, beware that hackers may be able to see your personal details such as usernames/passwords, so be careful!

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