iPhone Lanyard Case

When I get a new smartphone, the first thing I do is get a few cases for it, to keep it in pristene condition. So, I’ve got the rubber bumper to solve the ‘iPhone 4 signal issue’, I’ve got a leather horizontal belt pouch that I wear when I’m at work, BUT, what I haven’t found until now that is, is a case that hangs on a lanyard/neck cord, that I can use whilst I’m shopping with my iPhone. Ticking off shopping in my ‘Toodledo’ To Do list app.
Today on an iPhone Forum, I’ve found what looks like a great case, that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! 🙂
Beautiful one-piece flexible rugged design made of a High Density Silicone Polymer. No more looking for your phone in your pocket, purse, on your waist or wherever you left it and take the risk of getting it bumped or scratched!
Key Features: iPhone installs in seconds in the upside down position so when your looking down at the phone or when your holding it in your hand the phone is always in the upright position for ease of use. Rugged soft, flexible, sleek form-fitting slim design. Slip-proof properties for hassle free handling. Shock-proof, covers entire phone to protect against scratches, bumps and debris.
Access to all controls, sensors, touch-screen and charging port with openings for speakerphone, microphone and camera(s). Adjustable 36″ silicone lanyard with cord lock makes the length and fit absolutely perfect every time. No gaudy logos, smooth lint-free design.
Solves the recent reception issue announced by Apple. 100% washable and tear resistant. Checkout www.lanskin.com. I just ordered mine! 🙂


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