Podcast Speed and Rewind on an iPhone

Here’s a couple of useful commands that you may not have used yet, when listening to a podcast on your iPhone/iPod Touch.
When the podcast comes to a part that you’d like to fast-forward, just tap on the white box marked 1X, the podcast play speed will speed up 2 fold and you’ll now see a blue box marked 2X, as shown in the screenshot. Tap on it again to change the speed to 1/2x speed and again to return to 1x speed. From podcasts I’ve listened to, I’ve found audio still is understandable, even when it’s playing at twice the speed.
Another useful feature when listening to a podcast, is to ‘REWIND’; simply tap on the semi-circle with two arrow points with ’30’ in the middle. The podcast play will then rewind 30 seconds and play it again. This is particularly useful if you want to make a note of what you’ve heard in the podcast.

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